Sunday, April 28, 2013


Perfect Beauty  is what we called our web presence covering temples in the Kingdom of Thailand. It started out in the year 2000, which was the year we visited our first temple. The site has grown substantially since and we have maintained the look and feel we had from the start. It has become outdated, specially because we had used Frontpage to create and publish the pages and this web publishing tool has since seen the end of it's life. Nothing is permanent, as we all know! Converting it all to a new look and feel would be an option but it would also come with a lot of work. We do not want to remove the content simply because we do get a lot of visitors and feedback. Some of our visitors have become virtual friends and in some cases even real life friends, so we will keep it up and running. 

We cover over 1000 temples located in most provinces of the Kingdom, yet we have never been brave enough to travel to the deep south and for the time being this will not change. 

The name "Chimburi" is our personal homage to our good friend and driver who guided us to many of those temples in the years 2000-2004 and who has sadly died from cancer since. Keeping alive reminds of the good natured and friendly guy who got us started on the idea of covering Thai temples on this web site. 

Starting up this blog Perfect Beauty - Inside the temples of Siam will enable us to get more of our personal stories and experiences inside Thai temples online by using a more sophisticated way of publishing it. It also allows us to cover more photos. After all, all of our blogs and web sites are photographic journeys. So, sometimes there will be stories to go with it and sometimes it will be just a minimal text which accompanies the photo. While blogging here we will continue to update as well but we won't do a major overhaul on it.

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