Sunday, April 28, 2013


Makha Bucha Holiday in Chiang Mai was something I wanted to experience, so I flew in and celebrated this important Buddhist holiday with many other worshippers in the temples of Chiang Mai.

Starting early in the morning at Wat Phra Sing, for me the most important temple of Chiang Mai, which has a 700 year old history.
 Phra Buddha Sihing, the Buddha statue in the small Vihara  is for me the most important Buddha image in the city, so I started my prayers there.
 Daytime is quiet in the small Vihara. Plenty of options to quietly sit and meditate in the Vihara, despite the tourists who visit it.
 Using a break in the blessing and prayers of worshippers, this monk is cutting the long cord which is later used to tie it around the worshippers wrist into smaller pieces.
 Worshippers come and go all day long to pay respect to the Buddha images in Wat Phra Sing.
 The larger larger Vihara which houses another important Buddha image is more busy. Worshippers flock in and make donations, prayers and other auspicious tasks.
 Pouring holy water onto the big white Chedi in the back of the temple.
Praying and making donations in the back of the Pagoda is mostly done by Thai worshipppers. Rarely do tourists participate in those activities.

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