Sunday, January 5, 2014


Isn't lying inside the temple causing really bad karma? I went to Wat Sri Sudaram today, asked to rent a Buddha image from this temple here. The guy at the temple shop showed me only three from THIS temple, Wat Sri Sudaram, but I did not have my glasses with me, so all I could see is that the name of the temple was different. ... Wat Chang Hai...the guy told me that was the old name of the temple. So, I rented it, and when back in the Hotel i put my glasses on and saw that it was from ....yes...the province of Pattani!! I am not even certain that the date 2537 is correct! If any of you MCU students know the abbot of Wat Sri Sudaram, please let him know that the people in his temple lie and cheat. I know you are taking your buses from this temple to Wang Noi, so I am sure you have contacts in this temple. It's a Luang Phu Thuad image and has nothing to do with Wat Sri Sudaram at all!

So, that is really all about this temple...I had looked forward to visiting it for a long time, and finally did see it in January 2014. All the buildings were closed except for the small Viharn at the entrance. But this experience with renting the Buddha image really turned me off..Just be aware and don't trust people in there if you happen to go!


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