Friday, January 13, 2017


Updated from original post on at Wat Hua Lampong

What a disappointment! Wat Hua Lampong has now entered the group of temples who charge foreigners who want to visit. That is very sad indeed. I have been coming to Wat Hua Lampong on every visit to Bangkok. Usually it was my first stop, to pay respect to the Buddha after the long flight and pray. On my last trip, I just saw the sign that foreigners had to pay an entrance fee, so I left again without going inside. 

I am not sure why this temple of all charges foreigners, since it is not really a touristy temple. It was always a quiet place where one could contemplate or meditate in the Viharn. The Ubosot was mostly locked anyway. I was always under the impression that Wat Hua Lampong was more used by local people. 

Instead of going up the stairs to the temple buildings I just went downstairs to the Ruamkatanyu Foundation, which is open 24 hours. I would have gone here anyway after the temple visit to make donations, but it is sad that Wat Hua Lampong is no longer an open place for praying without paying!


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