Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Updated from initial post on www.chimburi.com at Wat Kalayanimit

We visited Wat Kalayanimit again in November 2016. Surprisingly our taxi driver from the Wong Wian Yai BTS station found the temple without any problems, or our pronunciation of the temple's name improved since the last visit :-)

There was considerable construction going on around the main prayer hall. Everything was barricaded off and only a small tunnel led to the main prayer hall. Inside the hall everything was as usual though, except for the construction noise from the outside. 

During the last visit we have also witnessed bicycle tourist groups who make this temple a stop on their tour through Bangkok. A bit of a weird thing to see western tourists ride a bicycle inside the temple grounds and being dressed in their biker shorts and t-shirts. Sad to see that tourists still don't know how to dress appropriately inside a place of prayer. So, it is probably just a matter of time before an entry charge for tourists will be implemented here as well.  


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