Friday, January 13, 2017


Updated from original post on at Wat Traimitr 
Main building where the golden Buddha is located
Wat Traimitr, the temple of the golden Buddha statue has always been charging tourists. I believe they also charge Thai tourists, but I am not 100% sure about that. However, it is more or less a tourist attraction, thus I do not mind that they charge an entrance fee. Over the years, and we have been coming here for almost 20 years, they have upgraded, renovated, improved and whatever. Every tourist basically comes to see the famous golden Buddha from Sukhothai and the place is more or less a zoo. Loud and ridiculously overrun by rude tourist and con artists who approach you outside on the street already with a rather basic conversation which finally leads into scams and tour business. I have given up on my wish to pay my respects to Phra Buddha Mahasuwan Patimakorn and instead just go visit the prayer hall on the side, which used to be more quiet in the past as well. The whole place is just overrun by tourists, parking cars and buses. There is only one more shrine to the side which can still be used for a prayer or a short meditation. 

Prayer hall to the side

Buddha image inside the prayer hall

Stairways leading up to main building.

Small Buddha shrine beside the parking lot

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