Sunday, January 15, 2017


We have never covered Wat Buddhaisawan on before, even though we had been here several times to pay our respect to Phra Buddha Sihing, the second most sacred (if there is such a ranking) Buddha statue of Thailand. We usually see Phra Buddha Sihing during the ceremonies when it is brought out onto Sanam Luang, unless it is a copy of it. Who knows. 

Wat Buddhaisawan hall is inside the grounds of the National Museum and naturally it is always busy with tourists, students but also a few worshippers. I believe that there is no Buddhist ceremonies or chantings inside this hall, since it is not part of a temple. At least I have never seen one or heard about it. The hall is really famous for it's excellent murals, hence lots of students come and have sessions inside the hall. There are several very sacred Buddha statues located inside the hall, but it changes with various exhibitions of the museum Protected under glass are also several relics of the Buddha. 

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